Resume objective is the opening statement of a resume that talks  about the desire of the applicant for working in the applied position. When applying for the customer service jobs, your customer service resume objective must include the details portraying your current skills showing your suitability for the job. It tells the employer about the career goals of the candidate that he/she wants to accomplish working in the position. There are certain things that you need to keep in mind when designing your career objective. Remember that it is the introductory section of the resume and obviously will be read by the employer. Hence, you don’t want to make a bad impact on the recruiter by providing a poor job objective statement. Here are some tips and examples of customer service resume objectives to help you design your own.

Customer Service Associate

The customer service executive has to handle number of job responsibilities. When applying for this position, you need a customized resume objective describing your customer service qualities. Customer service agents are required in banking sector, IT industry, insurance companies, etc. These executives have widespread scope in different industries.

The major job responsibility of these associates includes assisting the customers in using any particular service. They also have to solve the queries of the customers and provide the technical support. They have to prepare the work report and maintain all the corresponding records.

As you know, this position is equally important in any industry, it is important to write a good resume when applying for this position. Your CV must be up to date when applying for this customer service job. Here we discuss the tips for writing the objective in the resume of the customer service agent and provide the sample objectives to help you in your attempt of writing the targeted resume.

Sample Resumes

Objective Statement for experienced Applicant

As an experienced customer service associate, I would like to put my earned skills to good use and provide assistance to the customers by solving their queries. While earning this experience, I have gone through different situations and earned skills to handle the arising problems and tricky conditions

Career Statement for Fresher Applicant

While I am a fresher applicant, I would take extra efforts to learn the necessary skills and grasp the knowledge of the field. I am a quick learner with excellent understanding of the subject and this will help in grasping the things quickly

Career Statement for Internship Applicant

As an intern, I will carefully observe the working system and know how the work is performed. I will understand the complete work process and learn the necessary skills to improve my work efficiency

Tips for Writing Objective Statement

Your customer service resume objectives must include following set of skills.

  • Ability to interact with the customers
  • Excellent problem solving and decision making skills
  • Technical knowledge of the field
  • Elaborative approach
  • Multitasking skills
  • Ability to manage stress and work under pressure
  • Strong verbal communication skills
  • Ability to convince the customers
  • Possess in-detail knowledge of the subject so as to help the customers solve their queries
  • Ability to deliver  relevant and true information
You can select the relevant skills that match your profile and use them in your objective statement. Do not write more than 3 sentences in an objective. Make proper use of these skills in your career statement to get attention from the employer.


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The way in which the author had explained entirely about the resume services seems to be much impressive as well as beneficial for all those individuals who are becoming needy to be created a fantastic resume which could attract several other individuals.

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I would say that when it comes to resume objectives your cv must be updated when applying for a job. As mentioned here, the tips for writing the objective in the resume of the customer service agent and provide the sample objectives to help you in your attempt of writing a job specific cv.


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